What is Numerology?

Numerology is a philosophy based on both mathematics and frequency.  It’s simply the written explanation of energy – which is what makes up the entire universe. Today, much of numerology is accredited to the ancient Ionian Greek philosopher Pythagoras, who made numerology “famous” through his school of thought called Pythagoreanism. Pythagoras also invented the western musical scale that we use to this day, and his numerology is based off of similar principles. So just like reading music from a sheet, numerology is essentially reading one’s energy through mathematics.

Our individual number sets are also referred to as our “tones” or “frequency”. These frequencies help create our experiences, relationships, ways of thinking, well-being and much more. They both attract and repel these things throughout our lives. While there is certain aspects of our numerology we can’t change, there are some adjustments one can make to create accord instead of discord in someone’s number sets. This is where Transformative Numerology comes into play.

Transformative Numerology is an upper-echelon practice of Pythagorean numerology. It’s a specialized ancient practice that goes beyond simply understanding these influences. Rather, it uses Numerology to enact change in one’s life and advances conscious living. This practice has been handed down from generations via the Master and Apprentice relationship.  The guiding principle of a Transformative Numerologist is aligning the individual with their purpose so that they are in harmony with their resonant frequency.