About Alara K. Harpell

Alara Harpell


Alara K. Harpell is a Master Numerologist who received her certification after an extensive 5-year apprenticeship. She specializes in the language arts and Transformative Numerology. With her precise calculations, she can track the numerical roots of specific patterns in one’s life and reformulate them so that her clients can better align themselves with their own unique purpose. For those who want to attract new experiences, begin a professional venture, create new relationships or redefine who they wish to be – Alara’s unwavering dedication aids her clients in becoming agents of change and taking control of their life.

In addition to accepting remote clients, Alara also works with local metaphysical stores including Mystical Dragon in Carlsbad, and SoulScape Crystal Cave in Encinitas. Included in her services are Tarot readings, since Numerology and Tarot are sister practices. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Metaphysical Science and training with OBOD in Celebrancy. Alara spends much of her free time writing, spending time with her husband Dan and their two Devon Rex cats, Gandalf & Luna.